Rogue Group Exhibition: The Pop-down Show

Opening: On the walls from Wed. 11th September, OPENING Sat. 21st September - 2-5pm
Exhibition Dates: 11 Sep - 27 Sep

Opening time: 2-5pm Saturday 21st September

Shop 6, 480 King Street NEWTOWN


Sadly, this will be the final Rogue exhibition at the current location but rest assured, we are only popping down and not out!!  Rogue will be back.  Better than ever. Somewhere.  Sometime.  Hopefully soon.

Thank you to all of the wonderful people of Newtown for your support, encouragement, or just curiosity over the last 4 months of the Rogue Pop-up Gallery’s presence, it has truly been a pleasure and we will miss all the friends we have made, both two-legged and four, especially those who would drop in regularly to have a chat and view the exhibitions.  We would also like to express our gratitude to those who purchased works, without the support of whom none of this would have been possible.
The Rogues are a restless lot with an endless supply of ideas and not quite enough coffee to fuel them. You can bet your favourite aunty there will be many more interesting and exciting exhibitions to come and we hope to see you there…wherever “there” may be (not too far away, promise!).

In the meantime, all artwork can be purchased online and viewings can be arranged by appointment at the Rogue base of operations in  Alexandria.

M. 0424 233 821e.
Open 11-6pm Wed-Sat, 11-5pm Sun, Closed Mon-Tue

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