Eleonora Pasti – Breathe

Opening: Saturday 9th March 2024
Exhibition Dates: 6 Mar - 28 Mar


130 Regent Street Redfern


A professional artist in Luxembourg and France for 15 years, Eleonora Pasti arrived in
Australia in November 2021. Her art is constantly evolving as it reflects and evokes
themes of society and community with notions that make it personal and autobiographical.
She defines herself as an artivist; an artist who is deeply engaged in feminist and the fight
for gender equality.
Art for Eleonora is always political.
Her studies at the University of Bologna, under the guidance of Umberto Eco (professor of
semiotics), led her to search for connections between different aspects of culture.
Language, religion, architecture and fashion are just a few examples where the semiotics
of art can find new resonance and new ways of regarding and interpreting reality.

Tabia                    SOLD
up-cycled blankets, felt     90 x 90 x 90cm

Tabia was born out of a physical urge, a need to rebel against the oppressive patriarchal culture of my own family, a way to transform pain into something positive. Last summer, I started working on her in a wooden hut in the mountains, where I spent my best holidays as a child. Tabia is made out of the blankets we used for decades to protect us from the cold Alpine winters. These blankets, impregnated with childhood memories, become the guardians of a past life.
Tabia is the personification of a wild strong spirit, my second skin, my alter-ego.

Self-portrait on the toilet                    $ 5, 000
Textile     140 x 210cm
Patriarchy is everywhere, even with in us. We must become aware of it, see it, digest it,
expel it and flush it away!

Dicktators                    $ 350 each
stuffed silk ties
A satire of patriarchal culture, Dicktators are ready-made sculptures. They are simply
stuffed ties. Each of the ties becomes a character with particular physical and psychological characteristics. The colour, the shape, the size, add layers of meaning to this clothing accessory that has inexorably attained a symbolic dimension.

À poil (naked)                    $ 5, 000
textile and felt     135 x 203cm
I have always liked this French expression to describe being naked, even though it
originally referred to the bareback horse and not to the natural presence of body hair.

Contemplating My Emptiness                     SOLD
felt     20 x 10 x 10cm
Since arriving in Australia, I have been taking yoga classes. Meditation has opened me up to a new introspection. This small sculpture is a visualisation of what once felt like a big black hole right in the centre of my gut, and now it is still a hole but different; the light is not trapped in it but rather there is a lightness and a flow of air, for the first time I see the positive in the emptiness.

Release                    $ 5, 000
textile     138 x 140cm
We spend our adult lives freeing ourselves from the legacies of the small and the big
traumas of our childhood.

À poil                    SOLD
felt     20 x 20 x 5cm
A three-dimensional version of the woman in the fabric and felt panel with the same title. I see in her the image of freedom.

Giuditta & Oloferne                    $ 6, 000
textile     143 x 276cm
“Never underestimate the power of a woman” (Nellie L.McClung)

Breathe                    $ 3, 500
soft sculpture, up-cycled blankets, felt
90 x 40 x 40cm     2024
Breathing is something we do without thinking, but in yoga we learn to be aware of it. The unconscious becomes more accessible and with it the healing and the mending of past wounds.

Rat                    SOLD
up-cycled men’s jacket     40 x 20 x 20cm
In the same vein as the dicktators, this small sculpture is a stinging metaphor for the patriarchal culture that invades us like a pest.

Madonna della Misericordia (Piero della Francesca)                  $ 6, 000
130 x 260cm
The power of forgiveness and mercy and empathy.

Lilith                    $ 6, 500
Textile     156 x 310cm
The story of Lilith is the story of the first feminist to appear on the face of the earth, she was the first woman, she preceded Eve into the earthly paradise. God created her as he did Adam, from the dirt. Lilith did not want to join Adam, she wanted to explore the world and be independent. It was then that God created Eve from Adam’s rib, but at what price did Adam gain a woman in his service? He could not feed from the tree of knowledge. Men who consider woman inferior are without wisdom! Here my Lilith is the Paradise in its Plenitude, the Tree of Knowledge, the Fruit and the Temptation. Men in this Paradise are reduced to little birds at her feet.

The Fool                    $ 5, 000
textile     143 x 240cm
The Fool is someone who speaks the truth, someone who comes to you with their heart in their hand.

MRS&MR                    $ 4, 500
Textile     143 x 136
Two obscene hunting trophies, the cut-off heads of a traditional married couple.


Witch                    $ 3, 500
textile     90 x 60cm
This was the first of a series of works inspired by American artist Kiki Smith’s Pyre Woman Kneeling that I saw in Paris in 2018 at the Monnaie de Paris.
Her sculpture of a naked witch kneeling on an unlit pyre, spreading her arms in triumph: a woman resurrected from this history of misogyny.

M. 0424 233 821e. diane@roguepopup.com.au
Open 11-6pm Wed-Sat, 11-5pm Sun, Closed Mon-Tue

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